A special discussion held with the presence of the State Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Dilip Wedaarachchi, on the viability of building new harbors in the North and East with the aim of uplifting the fishing communities there, took place on September 30 at the State Minister’s office. The viability of restructuring the fishing harbors in the South was also discussed.

Officials from South Korea took part in the discussion, and affirmed that they would provide much-needed help in constructing and restructuring them.

The Minister then noted that there was a need for technology and infrastructural reform to help ameliorate the difficulties faced by the fishing industry in Sri Lanka, arguing further that this was a key factor weighing in the key discussion on building new harbors.

He informed the Korean officials about the need to restructure harbors in the South, especially with regard to the areas of Kirinda and Hambantota. Emphasized on this point was the need to address the problem of sand intruding into their harbors. A sustainable solution was needed to get rid of this problem, he maintained.