There is a probable spread of dengue fever island-wide, said National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) Director Hasitha Tissera at a press briefing held on Thursday. Tissera also mentioned that although the number of cases has been reduced and were able to control the number of deaths of dengue fever within this year, there can be an increase in cases reported with the monsoon rains.

“There is a high risk in districts in the Eastern province, especially in Ampara, Batticaloa and Kalmunai districts. Therefore, special attention should be given to those areas with the north eastern monsoon rains,” he added.

The government declared September 10-16 as the National Mosquito Prevention Week and they had inspected 567,000 premises during the time by the Health Ministry officials.

“We were able to carry out the inspections and control the spread of dengue fever because the general public was very supportive,” he said. The premises were inspected and cleaned with the help of the tri forces, Police, Civil Defence Force, and local authorities and it has reduced a considerable amount of dengue cases reported since it prevented disease from spreading.

Tissera further mentioned that they have identified that construction sites and public places as high-breeding sites. According to NDCU, there is a significant reduction in the number of patients with dengue fever reported in May (the month most number of dengue cases are being reported) was 1,625 whereas a total of 4,292 cases were reported in the month of May last year.

“In year 2014, 81 deaths from dengue fever and a total of 32,362 cases were reported to us. However, in this year, within the first eight months, only a total of 20,457 patients and 36 deaths were documented. Which means there had been 11,000 reduction of patients reported,” said Tissera.

He said that they wish to maintain this situation to bring down the numbers and to control the spread of the dengue fever further with the help of the general public.