MS was elected president on January 8th; the yahapalanaya government came in to being on January 9th. There were teething problems and the one-hundred-day programs got automatically extended till August. No work was done in any ministry during this period.
Then came the August 17th election with it the amathi poraya. The cabinet has been appointed but ministers are still assuming duties with boot-licking bureaucrats, henchmen and kith and kin in attendance the only absentee being Tomiya. This vulgar show is aptly called stinking display and borushoke by T Devendra. A photograph on page one of the Island of 14th instant is a fine example of borushoke.

You are still visiting mahanayakas with the customary atapirikara to get their blessings and tie a pirith nool. Your right wrist is full of so many pirith nool that it looks as if the wrist is bandaged. You are also still attending receptions as if being elected MP was no acceptance of your suitability as MP in itself. At the receptions you hold forth and make yourself a laughing stock. No work has been done during this period either but you get paid for providing pubic entertainment.

You always tell us that you are a public servant and as an honored member of the public I call upon you to immediately get back to your respective ministries and do the job entrusted to you.

The president and the PM must read the riot act to these ministers and ensure that they do their job and ensure that thousands of yahapalanaya supporters do not abandon the party in disgust.
S. Abeywicrama