Daham Sirisena, son of Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena, today admitted that he should not have taken his father on his recent trip to the UN General Assembly after significant public backlash caused a media uproar.

In a Facebook update posted few days ago, Daham said, ‘I was officially invited to the UN as part of the Sri Lanka delegation to participate in youth session (a.k.a. lets have chat and then go get plastered on UN expenses). Unfortunately my mother could not attend and my father decided to take up her invite. The freeloader. Of course it was a mistake to agree to this decision as was evidenced by his lack of decorum during the trip – not only did he fail to properly tuck in his shirt, he also decided to stand right in front of me at the UN General Assembly and make a speech. I was appalled by his behavior and disappointed that my nepotism resulted in my father taking all the headlines despite my efforts to get them for myself.’

‘Despite having no official status in the delegation, I had to meet Modi and the President of Switzerland and watch them talk to my father instead of me. I even had to take Mangala along. This is the last time I travel with my father’ he added
Asked for a comment former first son Namal said ‘My father was ahead of the times. No one can match his nepotism and the voters failed to appreciate that’.

  • Pakis

    Once the man who climbed up on the ‘Kitul Tree’ to drink toddy was got caught, he had an excuse that he was looking for grass. What’s wrong with the claim? Once realized that there’s no grass, his intention was to climb down but since the toddy was freely available there, he drank some.
    Daham, did you get advice from dad for your silly claim of cleaning the names?
    Get a Sudda fellow with full back-bone links to govern the country if we want to move forward!!!.

  • Kumara Soysa

    Just stop bullying this young man and his father. President Sirisena is a man of rare courage and guts that none of you have. Did you dare write about the past leaders like this? Frankly, many are sick of this meaningless baiting of My3 and son. What is your option, anyway?