Hotelier Aravinda Sampath was honored with an award for the excellence of Hotel Moonstone, Anuradhapura at the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI) Achievers Awards Ceremony held recently. The achievement was significant since it was the very first time the award went to the services sector by a hotel, throughout the history of CNCI Achievers’ Awards Ceremony. The excellence shown in customer services and hospitality along with marketing strategies stands behind the curtain of the honor of the award.

Hotel Moonstone in Anuradhapura is a sophisticated modern hotel which provides higher standards of hospitality, which led for the popularity among the local and foreign tourists. Aravinda Sampath expressing his ideas said that he is completely committed to take the Hotel Moonstone in a more eco-friendly path to achieve the further excellence.

Aravinda Sampath has been honored with awards previously for his huge successes as an entrepreneur. He has won the bronze medal for the Best Entrepreneur of Anuradhapura District by Ceylon National Chamber of Commerce for the year 2014.