Frank Epperson

There are more people who are interested in knowing things, in creating new things which helps themselves and others. They grow up with the idea of creating something new since their childhood. When you read about the inventors, you can see that most of the lives of these inventors were not comfortable ones. Behind a new invention can be thousands of untold obstacles.

Last two weeks, we wrote stories of the two-talented youngsters who achieved wonderful things at a very young age. They belong to present-day young generation. Today, we’ll read about a similar kind of character who does not belong to current generation.

His name is Frank Epperson from San Francisco, California in America. He was born in 1894 and he was 95 years when he passed away. Even though he spent 95 years, he did not need that much of time to change his life and the world as well. Reason is that his invention brought him attention while he was very young.

We all have enjoyed popsicles and who wouldn’t want to have more? It just like frozen ice on a stick. Did you ever think the creator of the Popsicle when you eat it? He is none other than this Frank Epperson.

Popsicle was made by him in 11th year of his age which belongs to childhood of our lives. It is a very much surprised how made a world changing food in that age. Frozen ice on a STICK  (1)

One evening in 1905, Frank Epperson was hanging out on his porch in San Francisco (SF), playing with his food as kids do. He was using a little stick to stir around water and powdered soda in a cup, and, when he went inside for the evening, he forgot to take the concoction in with him. The night was a particularly cold one for SF, and the drop in temperature ended up working a little magic on the abandoned liquid. When Epperson returned to the porch in the morning, his sugary water had turned into a sweet icicle on a stick. As people do when they invent something great, he named his invention after himself, Epsicle.

He was, of course, only 11, a little young for serious entrepreneurship. But even then he knew he was on to something. Firstly, he turned his friends into Epsicle fans, and then later he converted his own kids.

Anyway he had to wait 18 more years in 1923 for Epperson to apply for a patent for a ‘frozen ice on a stick’ called the Epsicle ice pop, which his children re-named the Popsicle later. The patent documents discuss consistency (syrup results in a crystalline product of hard snowy consistency), stick material (employ a wooden stick of relatively porous though sapless and tasteless wood), freezing method (rapid refrigeration results in a more uniform product), and vessel shape (ordinary test tubes).

In 1925, Epperson sold his rights to the Popsicle to the Joe Lowe Company in New York. The Popsicle gained popularity very quickly ¬first made with birch wood sticks and selling for just a nickel. Later the twin Popsicle became available. This model had two sticks so that children could share the treat. Epperson may have also invented this version, and is said to have at least inspired the creation of subsequent frozen treats such as the Fudgsicle, Creamsicle and Dreamsicle.

Thanks to Epperson, today hundreds of millions of popsicles are eaten in the world each year, and there are more than 30 flavors available including grape, lemon, lime, banana, cherry and raspberry. The most popular flavor, for years and years, has been the classic orange.

Some students are waiting to be adults to do big things. But you don’t have to. Any child can do wonderful things at a very young age. Frank Epperson has proved that age is not a matter to perform miracles.