Collection: Shirts, Pants and Loafers
Models: Shanith Fernando and Yohan Sri- Mister Sri Lanka France 2015
Clothes, hair and make-up: Shanith Fernando

Pics by Ravi Jayatunge and Aloka Inspirations
Location: Paradise Beach Hotel, Negombo

Shanith’s latest collection emphasizes comfort and personal expression of ‘modern day man’ breaking away from the norm of dress shirts and dress pants that have become a cliché.

Informal in its outlook, this collection by Shanith has been put together to bring out the fashion conscious male seeking both comfort and style. Elements of variation in the designs of each garment can be seen in the use of studs, crystal embellishments, prints and pastel and earthy shades of colors that add glamour and vibrance.

Breaking away from the stereotypes and norms, Shaniths’s new collection gives a very strong punch; Gender Expression and this is amply evident with the use of masculine jewelry. Rugged silver pendants, black leather neck chains, use of sea shells and bicycles and rings on leather cords bring out a strong representation of Gender Expression.

Ripped jeans, folded hems and acid-washed material add a sense of extreme style and panache. Chino pants coupled with the casual shirts bring out the Ultra Modern Fashionista in every male.

Use of loafers which are in vogue now is another enhancement to the casual aura of the collection. Shanith exemplifies his focus on comfort in clothing accentuating the collection with the use of loafers. To Shanith, nothing is more comfortable than easy slip-ons. According to this designer, loafers are an ideal choice for men looking for comfort in footwear.

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