There was a girl who didn’t want to give away any of her old clothes. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, she was too lazy to sort through her clothes and decide what she should keep and what she should give away. The second reason is that she had some sentimental value attached to each item and couldn’t part with them. Thus even though there was no more room in her almirah and even though she no longer wore some of the outfits, she didn’t make an effort to sort through her clothes.

Her mother, however, had had enough of her daughter’s ways. She finally stopped waiting for her daughter to sort the mess her almirah was and decided what clothes to give away. When her daughter saw the clothes to be given away, she refused to part with them, and promptly put them back in the almirah.

Her mother then told her that she could keep the clothes if she can still wear them. The daughter realized that although she wanted to keep all the clothes she couldn’t even wear most of them. Her mother’s simple challenge made her finally give away her clothes to someone who can make use of them.

There are many things we collect and we can be hoarders when it comes to certain things like clothes, books and even toys. We either think we’ll need them someday or we just can’t part with them and so we collect and collect until our rooms are a complete mess and are full of items we have no use of.

We should get rid of unwanted items because they are a waste of space and can affect us in ways we don’t pay much attention to. Have you compared your emotions when you are in a tidy room and a cluttered room? If your workstation is messy, there’s a chance that you lose files and notes you need and feel short-tempered and tired. Just the sight of a messy workstation can give a person a headache. The same applies to messy bedrooms and cluttered kitchens. Since they do come in handy, it might be a good idea to collect empty ice cream or margarine containers. However, store them in a cupboard so that they don’t clutter the kitchen.

The other reason you should get rid of unwanted items, especially clothes, books and toys, is because they will be of more use to other people. All the clothes you don’t wear, but don’t want to part with can be given to someone who can’t afford to buy clothes. All the toys you don’t want to give away because you played with them as a child can make a child happy. The books that you no longer read but don’t want to part with might be of use to several other people.

How are your books better off; gathering dust in a bookshelf or being donated to a library where many people read them? Would you rather have a messy almirah or know that someone your age finally has new and clean clothes thanks to you?

It is difficult to part with items, especially those with sentimental value. You can save a few items that are valuable to you, but the rest of the items you have no use for anymore, why not give them away or if they can’t be used by anyone, throw them away?