M.M. Mendis a leading veteran umpire passed away last week at his Attidiya residence. He was in his early seventies.
Mendis was not only a leading umpire but was also a senior civil servant who had served in different Government Departments as an Administrative Director. He had done a commendable job as a civil servant too.

He had been a cricket umpire for over 30 years and has stood at all important matches at all levels. He was among the ten best umpires in Sri Lanka until he retired from umpiring.

Mendis had done a tremendous service to the Association of Cricket Umpires, Sri Lanka in various capacities. He was the General Secretary at one time and was the assignment secretary in the late eighties. As an assignment secretary he did a great service in promoting young umpires by giving them important matches to get useful experience. Some of them hit the top and became international umpires. Mendis was such a far thinking officer the association had. We are so proud of him.

Mendis was very friendly and cheerful. He was one of the translators who translated the English cricket laws into Sinhala. He took a leading role and published a simple booklet of the cricket laws in Sinhala in 1983. That was a great help to the Sinhala readers who wanted to become cricket umpires. That was a great need at that time.

Mendis was a distinguished old boy of Moratu Vidyalaya. May he attain Nibbana.

G. Hallalaarachchi
(Cricket umpire, Gampaha)