Jolly good show! The Jordanian (?) Prince (?) has spoken the truth. Sri Lanka’s politicians are bad, its judges are unreliable, its armed forces murderous. He endorses the sentiments of my old laundryman, fifty odd years ago in Nuwara Eliya, who had laundered for British G.AA and planters. “Bring back the white gentlemen and all will be clean”. Let me recall those pre-1948 days. ‘Ceylon’ was recognized worldwide by that name. It was governed by a British Governor Sir Henry Monck-Mason Moore, Chief Justice was Alan Rose, an English Jew, the Army Commander was the minor British aristocrat the Earl of Caithness, the Air Force was led by a British Air Marshal Bladon (?), and the Royal Navy lorded it from Trincomalee. No blooming nonsense about national languages or human rights sullied this “model colony”. How wonderful it was when Britannia ruled and the natives were tame!

Let us accept this. ‘Prince’s’ recommendations immediately and dismantle the flimflam of ‘Independence’ we have wallowed in for too long.