From left: Dr. Renuka Silva - expert nutritionist from the University of Wayamba Sri Lanka, Makshoodh Meerasaibu - Director Homecare and Foods at Unilever Sri Lanka, Ms Shamara Silva - Category Head of Foods at Unilever Sri Lanka and Ms Kavindra Rajapaksha - Brand Manager for Astra at Unilever Sri Lanka

Nutrition has always been an area of importance for mothers everywhere – all mothers want their children to be healthy but there are many factors that prevent children from getting adequate levels of nutritious food; children can be fussy eaters and often, mothers themselves may experience knowledge gaps. In pursuit of providing a platform that empowers communities on adequate nutrition, Astra, a flagship brand under the Unilever Sri Lanka umbrella, is initiating a unique project titled ‘Astra Wadawamu Lanka” .

Astra Wadawamu Lanka Initiative will commence on an exciting note for the children – the highlight of the initiative is the educational cartoon film created especially for the project; it promises to be both fun and empowering for children.

“It is an established fact that children in Sri Lanka, regardless of their economic conditions, need a balanced diet that is both nutritious and healthy,” says Dr Renuka Silva, an expert nutritionist from the University of Wayamba, Sri Lanka, “Mothers also need to be made aware of the ability to create nutritious and healthy meals on a budget, while retaining the goodness of locally sourced ingredients.”

Astra Wadawamu Lanka will be held in key locations throughout Sri Lanka and is expected to be a popular initiative that will present a new dimension in nutrition for the whole family.
Ms. Shamara Silva, the Category Head of Foods at Unilever Sri Lanka says that promoting healthy eating among children and educating mothers on proper nutrition is an important goal that is addressed in the Astra Wadawamu Lanka initiative.

“Astra Wadawamu Lanka is unique because of its multi faceted approach that empower communities on nutrition,” says Ms. Kavindra Rajapaksha, Brand Manager for Astra at Unilever Sri Lanka, “Independent Nutrition Experts are at hand to share their expertise on nutrition with the mothers. Mothers will be shown the art of making wholesome meals on a budget while ensuring optimum levels of nutrition.”

“There are activities that provide different and fun-filled learning experiences that can be relevant and engaging. The subject of nutrition has been given a fun twist and presented in many different and exciting ways to mothers and children.”

The whole family will be able to participate in the activities planned and in the process, will be able to take back key learnings on managing meals on a budget and the importance of nutrition, adds Ms. Rajapaksha.