Mars, photographed by NASA's Viking mission

NASA will reveal a “major science finding” about Mars on Monday morning (Sept. 28), and viewers will be able to follow the announcement live.

Researchers and NASA officials will unveil the discovery — which the agency described in a media advisory as a “Mars mystery solved” — during the press conference today at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time in the US (1530 GMT). The press conference will be telecast live courtesy of NASA TV.

While many are hoping the conference will confirm we are not alone in the universe, the strongest evidence hints the space agency has discovered water flowing on the Red Planet. This belief stems from the panel selection NASA has advised will be in attendance for the groundbreaking announcement.

As expected, the space agency has rolled out its top authorities for the conference. Jim Green, Director of Planetary Science at NASA and Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program will be key speakers. All of the other guests are lesser known researchers from American universities, but their specialities allude to topic of the conference.

The inclusion of Ph.D. candidate in planetary science at Georgia Tech, Lujendra Ojha, holds particular merit as he was responsible for the discovery of possible flowing salt water on Mars back in 2011. (