Genuineness, in principles and remedial measures, is vital in establishing proper awareness as that in turn influences the attitudes which affect openly as well as in very subtle ways. The whole process is a balancing act as the realities are the results of such attitudes. Right awareness shall cause right thinking and that in turn will result in right attitudes. It is a walk on a tight rope. A wrong step shall end every effort. It is about Fair Treatment and it is a truth that is valid everywhere, starting from the most primary human organization the family  extending up to a Global Reality like the United Nations.

Development of employment opportunities is the most crucial priority of the nation as it is the only way to help people to stand on their feet. But the global and regional politics affect the Local scene negatively

Historical reality
According to the geological history, 20,000 years, during the last Ice Age, the sea level was very much below and a lot of land mass, now under sea was open land. Adam’s Bridge was also a narrow line of land that linked the Indian sub-continent with the land of Lanka. It was a free historical highway for living beings to migrate into this land of present Sri Lanka. Now link that with the finding of skeletal remains of a modern human being at a place like Fa Hien Cave, indicating a time like 37,000 years before now. This land was populated by the original hominids whose migrations had been very much earlier and it is believed that the first hominids, who left Africa also had entered the land of Lanka using the land bridge. That was the foundation for the population of this country and it was subsequently, more modern people migrated here from North India as well as South India which has a very logically close proximity.

Long and short story is that Sri Lankan population has developed as a special group retaining unique features. Tamil Culture is a reality, but it does not mean that the people are different. Here, we are one nation divided by two cultures.

Tamil people are now a special kind of people culturally though they had the same biological beginnings. This reality can be proved even scientifically. But on the face value, it has been given a misleading interpretation. People are not allowed to settle down. To create a separate nation for Tamil People, the most convenient geo-political location is Sri Lanka. Therefore, for those extremists, it is very important that the mission for a separate country is not abandoned.

Current realities
Sri Lanka tries to look more hopeful now after the political change which took place at the beginning of this year. However, the features which are still clinging on to the deposed camp, have started looking more stubborn and are full of prejudices making them the inseparable   image that can easily earn them the qualification of being chauvinistic, thanks to the ‘fire breathers’. The problem here is those who try to protect Singhalese People who are over 70 percent of the population, are easily interpreted as ‘chauvinistic’ when the ‘minorities are fighting for their rights only and in other words Singhalese have no ’rights’ to their ‘rights’. The moment Singhalese speak about their plight, they become ‘racists’ and the minorities do it is ‘human rights’. The worst aspect is that it keeps the government bogged down in defending and justifying, thereby forgetting the major issues of the nation.

Development of employment opportunities is the most crucial priority of the nation as it is the only way to help people to stand on their feet. But the global and regional politics affect the Local scene negatively.

The tea technology promoted by the Indian sources has now brought Sri Lankan Tea Industry almost to a standstill. The CTC produces quantities, but the ‘quality’ that gave Sri Lanka a name is no more. Bulk for blending has quietly eroded the Sri Lankan name for High Quality Tea.

The ‘export-oriented readymade garments industry’ that supported Sri Lankan Economy faced the inevitable downfall when ‘buying offices in Colombo, quietly turned the Sri Lanka Industry to become a ‘convenient shock absorber’ using their ‘vertically integrated’ raw material manufacturing base to transfer the most unproductive orders to Sri Lanka. Such opportunities helped the Indian promoters to get the best prices for their material inputs of Indian origin  and gave only small cutting and making charges on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis to the Sri Lankan factories.

Intimidating tactics
It is really funny the way the fishermen’s problems are handled. Crowding the Sri Lankan waters call for action, but pressure is on to release those fishermen. This has made the government authorities of both India and Sri Lanka to be engaged in keeping the matter under control, thus restricting Sri Lankan Navy to watch those problem areas only. It is done by neglecting other areas.

Cannot the two nations have one common program? A Joint patrol system: All the patrolling vessels will have Officials from both nations and any detections will not need further proving. But, why don’t they implement such a straight forward solution?