What is talent?  It’s commonly taken to refer to attributes that allows one to rise higher and higher in the social order. But in fact, true talent is one’s ability to remain in the same place in the social order without trying to rise higher and higher.

Let’s illustrate through an example.  The film industry is dependent on the cameramen. It is the skill, devotion and the contribution of the cameraman that makes a good film. The credit for a good film, however, goes to the director. Directors have the talent to rise in the social order, but it is the cameramen that protects, develops and sustain the film industry.

To protect the film industry, to sustain the film industry and in their devotion for the films and arts, true cameramen do not want to become directors. They love their profession or work. So their talent is employed to remain what they are.

This is what I mean by true talent.  It is that thing which protect things and sustains everything. Think about it.  It is really difficult to remain in the same place and to suppress the desire to go higher and higher. It requires great strength.  It requires exceptional talent.

Also, it requires real love for one’s vocation, profession, work or whatever one does. Real talent does not yield great results apart from real satisfaction. However, it is also true that there’s really nothing out there that is more valuable than being satisfied in with what
one does.

So do not think those who have ‘names’ have talent. Look at those who do not have ‘names’.  It is nameless people who sustain this world. But to be such a nameless one, such a talented one, great courage is necessary.  That courage is what gives true value to
true talent.

In the end, we can say that many who appear to be talented or recognized as talented in  society are without any courage. They have no courage to live without a name.