A 10-year-old boy was found hacked to death by a sharp object inside an abandoned house in the Kapurugoda, Panagoda area on September 25 (Friday). According to the Police Media Unit the dead child was found in the afternoon around 1.30 PM in the house that was located in vicinity of his home. “The child had been alone at the time” said an official from the Police Media Unit adding that the Police visited the scene having received a call to the Police Colombo emergency hotline.

The child had been missing since 10.30am and a search was conducted following the father raising alarm when he was unaware of the child’s whereabouts. According to the Police the body of the child was found by a search party comprising neighbors. “No suspects or motive have been identified yet” said acting Police Media Spokesperson SSP Priyantha Jayakody. He also added that the Athurugiriya Police are carrying out further investigations into the incident.