The National Anthem I used to hear in the past had one single tune and tempo (the speed of a song or piece of music ) and it meant a moment of triumph to me and it aroused patriotism in me, my love for the country, it’s people, and always made me to stand straight looking up to the flag.

Of late, we hear our National Anthem being played in various tunes and tempos and some such renditions make the National Anthem either uninspiring or a popular song in a Tower Hall Nadagama of the famous John De Silva and et al era.

Military personnel, of course, maintain one single tune and tempo.

Like the National Flag, the National Anthem also should be given its due respect by playing it according to the notations and scales enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic.
Architects of the National Anthem created it keeping in mind the noble fact that it is going to be the song of our country and the entire nation and penned the lyrics, created a tune and composed the music befitting such a song.

Interested parties who are reproducing the National Anthem according to their musical fancies to make it go with the so-called ‘present-day-trends’ have made this noble song somewhat a mockery which does not render the desired effects of inculcating patriotism, love for the country and etc., in the minds of the citizens.

There could be a possibility that producing the National Anthem in different versions makes the wallets of those producers fatty.

When there is such a hue and cry by certain sections of society against the singing, at least a part of it, in the language of the minorities, even with the noble idea of fostering ethnic harmony in our land, why do they maintain a deafening silence with regard to the desecrating of the very same National Anthem by producing/rendering it in different musical versions?
D. Samaranayake