The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Sri Lanka had sent a letter dated 21st August 2015 to the president of the SLBA stating that the financial grants under the Olympic Solidarity programme to those NSAs/NSFs has been suspended.

These NSAs/NSFs had conducted election of office bearers under the prevailing Sports Law/Regulations gazetted by the Ministry of Sports on 29th May 2015.

The NOC had stated that there was an on-going process to completely revamp the Sports Law and Regulations currently in force in Sri Lanka with a view to bringing it in line with lnternational Olympic Charter. The said process is being carefully monitored and scrutinized by the lnternational Olympic Committee (IOC). The principal objective of the said process, launched under the auspices of the IOC, is to ensure the autonomy and independence of National Sports Associations (NSAs)/National Sports Federations (NSFs) by resisting all forms of external interferences and influences, including political interference and influence.

However, whilst the aforesaid process was underway, elections were held to elect office bearers to certain NSAs/INSFs under the prevailing Sports Law/Regulations.

The said elections were reported to have been conducted under the direct control and supervision of the director General of Sports, which amounts to a blatant interference in the affairs of NSAs/INSFs by the Ministry of Sports which is a violation of the Sports Law set out of the IOC.