Pic and story by Wickrama Senevirathne, Vavuniya

A team of schoolchildren with their parents had a protest against the abuses and violations against the children and women in front of the Government Agent’s office on Mullaithivu on Wednesday; September 23. The significance of the protest was the participants had prepared a letter which is to be handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena and the letter was handed over to the Government Agent Rupawathie Ketheeshwaran by a child.

Organizers, Women’s Development and Rehabilitation Organization of Mullaithivu District had proposed in the letter that strict laws should be brought against the offenders on children and women related cases. They have also raised the fact that most of the culprits are back in society after served prison terms and the matter has brought only sad and bad motives. The organization also suggests having a good environment for children and women and a solid program to ensure their protection.