Established on October 23, 1890, The Jaffna Hindu College celebrates 125 glorious years of excellence this week.  Its humble beginning dates back to 1872 when Sri Arumuga Navalar founded the Saiva Pragasa Vidyalayam to provide English education under Hindu cultural tradition.  This was at a time when priority was given to schools imparting English Education in a Catholic environment keeping with colonial traditions. The school was later recognized under Saiva Paripalana Sabai and became a Hindu high school. The school was initially funded by residents of Jaffna themselves with contributions of fistfuls of rice and a coconut from each house.

In 1893, the school was recognized by the University of Calcutta where the students met the entrance standards of the University. In 1895, the College was affiliated to the Calcutta University as a college teaching up to first-in-arts standard and was registered as a grant-in-aid institution by the Department of Public Instruction, Ceylon.

With its growing number of students, the School was recognized by the government of Sri Lanka as the Jaffna Hindu College in 1980 under headmaster
S Appapillai.

Principal ThayanandarajahJaffna Hindu College has been proud to welcome some famous visitors, ranging from scientists to musicians on various occasions during these 125 years. They include Mahatma Gandhi who visited the College in 1927 and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2012.

Enriching Hindu ideals and cultural heritage, the College has also been graced by the likes of Pandit Ravi Shankar who shared his music and wisdom during a visit in 2006.

Students of Jaffna Hindu College continued to excel in various disciplines in spite of difficulties endured during the years of conflict. The College has produced students who topped the GCE A/L Examinations in Mathematics stream on three occasions. The unrelenting students have also bagged medals at the International Junior Science Olympiad from the year 2011 onwards.

Today, the school boasts of 2,335 students and an academic staff of 106 under current principal I Thayanandarajah. Since its establishment, the college has made remarkable strides in academic and extra-curricular fields while upholding traditional Hindu values. With an endowed history spanning over a century, Jaffna Hindu College celebrates 125 years of excellence with a celebratory week from September 22 to 27.

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