In my last article, we counted down five of the main video game genres; open world, RPG, shooter, horror/survival and fighting video games. Now it has left us with five more for this piece of writing.

Before we commence, I would like to point out that even the game chess is applicable for a strategy game. But since we are only discussing about video games, we might want to jump off to the strategy video game genre. A strategy video game focuses on the player’s thought process and reaction time. Given this genre, a brain teaser, we can agree that these type of video games help develop creative thinking.

Strategy video games give the player a view point as if from the point of view of a god. Most of these video games revolve around elements of warfare, and the common factor of these video games is that the game-play centers on resource management and exploration.

‘If you can’t think straight, you’ve lost already’
It is sort of depressing to talk of these situations, but would you believe that a lot of people died playing popular strategy games continuously? Some had played continuously for 48 hours and some had played for 22 days straight stopping only to eat and sleep. But the consequences are just the same…

The most played online strategy video game is ‘World of War-craft’, clocking over 60 billion hours, which is nearly seven million years, and it has sold over 14 million units.

Hack and slash to platformers (4) Hack and slash to platformers (3)

Now what could be better than a good old ‘Super Mario’ game? Jumping from platform to platform, crushing foes and gaining upgrades.

A Platformer game could be briefly described as guiding an avatar (second resemblance of the player) through suspended platforms and many obstacles and enemies, to advance further in the game.  The most frequently used action in this genre is ‘jumping’. May it be jumping from one platform to another or may it be jumping off the head of an enemy, the action is recurrent.

Platformers were the first step of video gaming. Now video games like ‘Super Mario’ are long forgotten, since advance platformers have taken its place. But quite frankly ‘Super Mario Bros.’ has so far sold more than 40 million units, making it one of the most sold video games in history.

Hack and slash to platformers (5)

Sharpen your weapons and get ready for battle!
These are the video games which make you scream in outrage and smash your buttons.

Apart from usage of guns these games are highly focused on hand to hand combat, hence the name ‘Hack’ and ‘Slash’. The protagonist in the video game is supposedly an armed melee fighter or perhaps a professional martial artist who is involved in hack and slash combat.

The games of the ‘Hack and Slash’ genre are mostly suitable for console players, since it requires a lot of button smashing.

‘God of War 3’ is held as the best hack and slash video game so far for its gruesome and bloody combat style, epic boss battles and advance graphics. It has been confirmed that it has sold  5.2 million units.

Hack and slash to platformers (6)


We all love to drive… At least most of us.
Having nightmares about accidents?
Never worry… These video games might take up your interest.
What a simulator game does is that it closely simulates aspects of reality, converting it into a playable game for purposes like training, analysis, prediction or overall enjoyment. A car racing game is a simple vehicle simulator, which we play under normal circumstances for enjoyment. Simple it may sound, but simulators are mostly used for vital purposes, for instances; Construction, flight control, and business.

Sources that are online do not give out a lot of information on which is the most sold or the best simulator game of all time, but according to my opinion the all time famous ‘Need for Speed’ series takes up the spot. Most prefer this game as a sports game, but it’s hard to oblige. After all, driving is a simulation. For a franchise which has more than 15 entries the ‘Need for Speed’ series was able to crack the 100 million unit mark.

Hack and slash to platformers (7)

A sport game is also a form of simulation, which simulates the practice of sports. This genre is held in high regard for its competition, strategy and fun mechanism. There are a numerous number of sports in the world and the sports game genre is crowded, from FIFA to Don Bradman cricket, these video games possess the same mechanism of the normal sport.

There is no clue whatsoever of the best sports game since we can never say which sport is the best in the world. Tastes differ from each other, so the same goes with sports games.

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