The common man has to play a waiting game to enjoy the benefits of good governance | (File photo)

As Sobitha thero correctly pointed out the present government failed to convince the common man when the time came to handover cabinet portfolios. The jumbo Cabinet will lead the way to wasting of public funds. It will not help the common masses in any way. Creating new positions also makes the situation worse in wasting public funds.

The political leadership of today which is termed “Good Governance” (Yahapalanaya) should understand one thing very clearly. They should adopt correct principles when punishing the so called corrupt politicians of the previous regime. You should first have credible evidence to show a politician is corrupt. If the present leaders are interested to show that politicians of the Rajapaksa regime were corrupt, then why are they absorbing some of them into this national unity government? Where is good governance here? Doubt and confusion have been created in the minds of the common masses whether some ruling politicians are using good governance as an undercover to fulfill their illicit aspirations. One must understand that the president of the country should follow the principles of good governance to punish even his enemy. Good governance cannot be taken lightly. Those in power should not allow anyone to exploit good governance.

If Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe wants to investigate corruption charges against the Rajapaksa regime, why is he trying to be selective carrying out this process? Even present President Maithripala Sirisena was also a strong stalwart in the Rajapaksa Regime up to 21st of November 2014. So why not probe the president also? The present President Sirisena was the health minister under the Rajapaksa regime. If we show that we are biased during this probe, people will lose confidence and trust in this so-called ‘good governance government’. It has already happened. We cannot be selective when practicing good governance.  There is no consideration given for ethnic race, language, religion or social status when practicing good governance. All should be treated equally.

The simple question the common man will ask is whether all these things are happening for the benefit of the public or for the benefit of a few politicians? My kind advice is that if you cannot do a job properly, it is better to quit. If not, it will bring adverse effects and create a wrong impression in the minds of the masses. This is a crucial time for Sri Lanka, a period of transition where a change of new environment is emerging. This looks a challenging task. In addition there are many challenges coming from external forces which include the Geneva war crimes report. Some countries like US and UK are trying to exploit this situation to get some undue benefits. This cannot be allowed. If you leave room or give into external pressure, that will be considered as a Bribe in modern terms. This will lead to drastic situations in the country. Sometimes it might force the collapse of the democratic ruling mechanism. Thereby, it will give way to a pathetic situation. This should not happen under the so-called good governance environment. The present rulers should think intelligently. They should try to unite local political opponents to defend the country in the international front.

In local politics, we may have many issues, conflicts and arguments. But, when there is a threat from an external force, we need to keep out all our internal differences aside and work as one to face the external challenges. Western forces will always look to exploit a situation a country is in where the leadership shows weakness regarding the ruling mechanism.

A weak leadership can become strong when you unite yourself with political opponents. We talk about a Unity Government or National Government. But the existence of a real Unity Government solely depends on real consensus between conflicting political forces. If we have real understanding and a working plan, roping in the conflicting forces, then the Unity Government concept will serve the purpose. If not, it will always be a struggle for survival. When we struggle in implementing the concepts of the Unity Government, we will not enough time to serve the masses. This is the major challenge of good governance.

The common man has to play a waiting game to enjoy the benefits of good governance. How long will it take for the ruling mechanism to deliver the goods? That is yet to be seen.
There are two types of challenges human kind faces regarding nature. First is the natural challenge or the unexpected challenge. The second is the expected or manmade challenge. Man himself creates his own challenge and digs his own grave from the latter. We see many instances regarding the latter case. As the conclusion, I would say, the new government’s good governance policies face the latter challenges at present. It is up to the ruling leadership to understand and avoid these unwanted challenges before it is too late.