Global Salam pioneering in giving priority to agricultural investments has developed a unique buy back model to promote the growth of Agricultural Exports by an alternative method to farmers to sell their organic goods for specific international buyers in defined quantities at prearranged prices. Global Salam has taken the initiative to introduce innovative methods that farmers may not be able to have access on their own.

Commercial and consumer requirements such as freshness, quality, origin and presentation of agricultural goods are concerns that international buyers have to maintain consistency. Amintha de Silva, an experienced banker with well over 25 years of training in both local and international markets, qualified and studied systems of investments in the United Arab Emirates, Master in Business Administration and a trainer by profession was appointed as the CEO. Amintha speaking to the press said, “Global Salam is the need of the hour to assist international buyers gain a stronger hand in production, quality control and pricing, while farmers benefit from guaranteed income and market access”.

“Salam” contracts are one of the most effective, sound and transparent ways to setup farmers engaged in agriculture with international and national buyers for everyone to benefit fairly supported by an adequate legal framework. “Salam” is an Arabic word derived from the financial product name Bai-us-Salam, which means to pay in advance for goods (Agricultural) to be delivered at a future date.

Global Salam offers growers farm inputs, equipment and technical advice by its most experienced team of experts spearheaded by international support from legal scholars, agricultural experts, producers and traders to ensure “Salam” contracts are sustainable. The Experts panel at Global Salam comprises of Tissa Jayaweera, leading past public official and a current corporate leader, Ms. Chandani Dais Abeygunawardana, an agronomist, former head of Exports at Cargills Quality Foods and Deputy Director of Export Agriculture/Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Gordon de Silva, Former Managing Director Hayleys Exports and M.R. Omar, Attorney-at-Law, Legal Consultant and Advisor to the Panel.