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Gayani Samarasinghe, popularly known as Gayani Batz, is an ayurvedic beautician by profession. She is also a makeup artiste, model, bridal dresser, event organizer and designer.  She joined The Nation to talk about her new-found passion to become a dress designer and also of her career goals.

Gayani is a talented, young makeup artiste who wishes to create something innovative. She said she is interested in designing unique outfits. “I will not design the same thing twice even if the client demands it. I am here to create unique, but trendy and comfortable clothes,” she said.

She claimed that her attitude towards fashion has always been different to that of others, and being able to think differently has helped her to achieve so much in this country in a very small time period.

“Fashion is my drug. That is why I’m here today. If I was not passionate about fashion I don’t think I can be where I am today given that I have been in the industry for only five years,” she opined.

Gayani mentioned that she has always liked fashion, but had never thought that she would pursue a career related to it. “I have always liked fashion since small days although I was not particular about what I wanted to become one day,” Gayani said.

Since she was in the industry for a small time she said that it was not easy for her to earn all what she has today. Hard work and dedication have always been her strengths, and she claimed that she was proud of herself for not giving up despite all the difficulties she faced during that time. “Each and every opportunity I got is a result of my hard work and nothing else,” she reiterated.

Gayani firmly believes that not working hard and complaining about not getting a chance to prove your talent in any industry is futile because if a person is not interested in his/herself why should someone else be interested in it.

“If you believe that you have the talent just make sure you master it. Have a plan as to what you want to achieve in life and work towards it,” Gayani said.

She mentioned that something she has noticed over the years is that a lot of people are only interested in studying the subject of beauty culture, but they never practice it. She says that she is a self-taught person and has always learnt the subject by practicing it.

Although Gayani has studied ayurvedic beauty therapy for over seven years, she was unable to continue practicing it due to several difficulties. However, she said that she’ll always advice to use ayurvedic beauty products over the other artificial products which are harmful in the long run.

“One might wonder how a makeup artiste who uses those types of artificial beauty products can encourage not using them. Since I have studied the subject I always suggest to my clients to avoid using artificial products as much as possible,” Gayani said.

Gayani, who is now internationally known as a Sri Lankan fashion icon, is currently organizing Miss Sri Lanka in Europe 2015 which will be held in Milan on November 15, and will also be a part of the judging panel.  More than 1,000 guests are expected at the event. She is also an invitee for the Dubai fashion week and has been invited to take part in the fashion week as a designer.
She intends to bring international recognition to the talented Sri Lankan designers and beauticians.

“We have so many talented people in our country who deserve international recognition. One of my main concerns is to provide exposure to such designers,” she said.

However, she mentioned that her only regret is that the veterans in the fashion field are not ready to help newcomers where as they should be guiding them since they are the future of the industry.

Gayani has an online shopping site which is her latest venture,, which offers clothes and accessories and her media crew ‘Gayani Batz Media Crew’ helps talented, young photographers.

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