Kenichi Suganuma, Ambassador of Japan, formally awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to  Muneyuki Izawa, Chef for Ambassador of Japan in Sri Lanka on behalf of the Foreign Minister of Japan at a special ceremony held on September 23, 2015 at the Embassy in Colombo.

On September 19, this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the list of recipients of the Foreign Minister’s commendation for the fiscal year 2015. The Foreign Minister’s commendation to Izawa is awarded in recognition for his outstanding caliber which contributed significantly to diplomatic activities at the Embassy.

Izawa began his career as a chef in 1995, and served as a Deputy Chief Chef at a well-established Japanese restaurant and after that he was employed by the then Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka, Nobuhito Hobo in 2011. Izawa’s delicious Japanese cuisine and his culinary skills have been greatly appreciated by guests to the Ambassador’s official residence. He has not only served formal Japanese food, but also made extra efforts to explore innovative menus to the greatest satisfaction and delight of the invited guests at the Ambassador’s official residence. Accordingly, the Foreign Ministry acknowledges that he has contributed immensely to Japan-Sri Lanka bilateral relations and that he deserves the Foreign Minister’s Commendation.

At the same time, Izawa was accorded the special title ‘Excellent Executive Chef for Ambassador of Japan’.
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