As the class captain, your duties include keeping the class quiet when there’s no teacher, making sure the record book and register is up to date and that the class is clean, there’s chalk or markers and that the black or white board is wiped after each period. You accept these duties and manage to balance your school work and class captain duties. Then a teacher asks you to make a list of the names of your classmates. You are also told to collect all the holiday assignments. You feel these are beyond your class captain duties.

At home, if your parents have told you to close the windows and make the beds, but have given no daily chores to your siblings, you may be annoyed and angry. You may be able to find the time and energy to attend to your chores but you still rebel against them simply because you feel it’s unfair that only you have household chores.

We tend to have this attitude towards work, whether it’s at home, school or office. We reject extra work and instead of coming up with a valid reason to not accept the tasks, we complain and grumble.

Extra work isn’t something we accept gladly. We often put up a fight and complain until the cows come home about the extra work we have been given. We waste time and energy complaining and we do a bad job because we don’t want to make an effort.

However, if we simply accept extra work as a challenge rather than a punishment, we will be able to do a better job. If a teacher gives you extra work, it’s because he/she thinks you are capable of carrying out those tasks. Doesn’t it make you feel proud that a teacher picks you out of an entire class to take on responsibilities?

If you have too much work already or if you find the task too difficult, you can talk to your parents, teachers or superiors at work. You can either figure out how to complete the tasks or the work can be given to someone else. However, we never think of discussion as a solution. We don’t realize that problems can be solved if we are patient and willing to make an effort.

If however, we choose to reject extra work without even considering the possibility of accomplishing the tasks, we won’t get far in life. If we refuse to attend to household chores simply because we feel it’s unfair, our parents will have more work to do. They will have less time to spend with us and they will be more short-tempered, tired and over-worked. If we refuse to accept extra work in school or office, we will have a reputation as someone who isn’t willing to work hard and we may never go up the ladder, whether in school or work.

Climbing the upper rungs will be tougher and may not seem worth it, but would you rather be at the bottom of the ladder throughout life or move ahead and accomplish a great many things in life?