A group of disgruntled senior officers of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka who had been given a ‘shock’ internal transfer as announced by the Bank on Friday September 18, last week wrote to the Central Bank’s Director of Human Resources, A.M.N. Gunawardana seeking a meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran to explain ‘reasons’ for the move. According to sources, who did not wish to be named, the transfers/rotation of duties that were announced by Director Human Resources could not be deemed a ‘routine exercise’ by any means as some of the officials who were moved to new positions, had just spent around seven months in their new role.

“We feel this transfer is not normal and therefore we have requested a meeting with the Central Bank Governor so that he could explain the objective behind it and the way forward,” a source said.

According to the list, two high ranking officials, Ms. C.M.D.N.K. Seneviratne and Dr. M Z M Aazim who previously worked at the Public Debt Department (PDD), which in February made headlines following the infamous Treasury Bond scandal have been given new functions. Ms. Seneviratne, who served as the Superintendent & Registrar at PDD has now been made the Director/Information Technology Department while Dr. M Z M Aazim who functioned as the Acting Additional Superintendent of PDD has now been appointed as the Acting Additional Director of the Statistics Department.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that a verbal argument broke out between Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran and a group of senior bank officers who were having a meeting amongst themselves on Tuesday afternoon. According to a report by a popular Sunday weekly, about 30 officers of Grade 4 and above including Assistant Governors were having a noon meeting on a 14th floor conference room discussing concerns about new transfers and plans to hire retired bank staff as consultants, when the Governor who had not been invited walked into the room and confronted the officers.

When contacted, Mahendran denied the veracity of the report stating that he was not involved in arguments with senior officials of the Central Bank pertaining to their transfers.

He stated that the reports were fictitious and had no truth. He, however, added that the meeting was conducted in the usual manner where opinions were thrown over the table. “The meeting was conducted in the usual manner. But there were no arguments as reported,” he said.

Below is a list of some other transfers made:
1. E.A. Hettiarachchi who functioned as the Director Information Technology Department has been appointed Director/Facilities Management Department;

2. M. I.  Sufiyan, former Secretary, at the Secretariat Department is the new Director/Northern and Eastern Provinces,

3. Mrs. K. M. A .N. Daulagala, former Director Supervision of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department now appointed as Director/North Central and North

Western Provinces;

4. U.P. Alawattage who was the Director Senior Officers On Postgraduate Studies is the new Director/Supervision of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department;

5. D.M. Rupasinghe who was the Controller of Exchange at the Exchange Control Department, is the new Director/Upcountry,

6. M.J. S. Abeysinghe who was the  Director at the Centre For Banking Studies as Director/Southern Province,

7. U. H. E. Silva, former Director at the Facilities Management Department has been appointed as the Director/Centre for Banking Studies,

8. Ms. Yvette Fernando the former Director/Bank Supervision Department is the new Controller at the Exchange Control Department;

9. T.H.B. Sarathchandra, who functioned as the Additional Director International Operations Department has now been made acting Superintendent/Public Debt


10. Ms. S.H. Gunawardena –who was the Addl. Superintendent at the Currency Department is the new acting Director/Bank Supervision Department;

11. K.H.A.S. Ariyaratna – acting Additional Director/ Statistics Department appointed as Secretary/Secretariat Department,

12. T.D.H. Karunarathne – Additional Superintendent at the Employees’ Provident Fund Department now made the Additional Superintendent/Currency Department

13. M.S.K. Dharmawardena – Additional Superintendent/EPF as Additional Director/Regional Development Department