A three-member delegation representing the Chinese government arrived in Sri Lanka to enlighten the country’s apparel sector on the Chinese National Standards (CNS) for textiles.

A conference was organized last week with the participation of the delegation and members of the textile industry where the Chinese officials briefed on the Chinese regulations and testing standards, and trends in global textile testing.

“The Chinese market is vast and growing. However, many countries fail to break into the market due to the lack of knowledge of their standards. Their standards are different to the standards adopted by other countries,” General Manager, Hong Kong and Overseas of SDL Atlas Ltd. Hong Kong, Fred Cheng told The Nation Gain.

According to Euromonitor International, one of the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research, China is to overtake the US to become the largest apparel market by 2017.

“What we need to do is educate and enlighten the Sri Lankan industry stakeholders on the standards adopted by the Chinese, if we are to break into the market and have an edge above our competitors in the region,” Cheng further said.