Palit Graphics Cards featuring their JetStream Cooler

Titantech (Pvt) Ltd, a distribution company in Sri Lanka announced their partnership with Palit Microsystems Inc, largest graphics card manufacturer in the world, to launch the latter’s full range of graphics cards for the Sri Lankan market. Through the market entry, Palit aims to be the number one brand in Sri Lanka. The company plans to do this via competitive pricing and premium service offered through Titantech.

Speaking about the partnership Kushan Dodanwala, Director of Titantech (Pvt) Ltd said, “Graphics cards have generally been overpriced in Sri Lanka compared to other components mainly due to the fact that they have a specific purpose and target market.

We have worked on the AMD side with Sapphire graphics cards, and we believe it is time to do the same with Nvidia as well. As a premium graphics card brand and the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world, we believe that Palit would be the ideal choice for us to achieve this”.