Mattala Airport
The Granary of the East.

Mahinda ideally should be in Wayamba. But he is in Pasikuda. He thus proves that he is a jolly good fellow.

Wimal has not been to either Sigiriya or Pasikuda.

Delhi, Geneva, and Pasikuda
Ranil went to Delhi. Mangala went to Geneva. But Mahinda went to Pasikuda, proving that other than a jolly good fellow he is a patriot too.

Children are intelligent because their minds are not overloaded with unnecessary knowledge. All that changes when they grow up though.

To be spectator and not actor
You see drama everywhere. But to see it you should become a spectator. Not an actor or actress. Then you can enjoy life by watching many great dramas.

People have good intentions. But they only want to talk about them.

When we are short on words we start to talk about politics. Then words are abundant and time scarce.

Sarath’s hobby
Sarath loves to have more enemies than friends.

Mahinda’s hobby
Mahinda loves to make friend enemies and enemies friends.

Mr Bean
Mangala made a Mr Bean poster for Ranil. But now he has to become or act like Mr Bean in front of the UNHRC.

Two drama channels only
There are about eight TV channels. There are about 11 or 12 radio channels. But there are only two for (stage) drama: Shrimal Channel and Ranjan Channel.

Voice of the people
I can think of only one voice that can be identified as the voice of the people. Jothi’s.

After Bakmaha Deege
Dharmasiri B was a joker in Bakmaha Deege. Truth is stranger than art. So he became a joker afterwards and has remained a joker since.

I think Hadagama is a joker too.