My seeya should be somewhere-over the rainbow, flourishing and enjoying the bliss of Nirvana – the eternal rest. That is how I feel as I pay homage to my dearest loving seeya. His picture still remains etched in my memory as I put pen to paper and it feels so painful for me to reopen a closed chapter.

He was known as Robert George to all he knew; six feet in height, strong and active even in his last stages.

I can still remember how he used to accompany me to the school van daily in his foot cycle. I remember very well that he had made a special seat for me in his foot cycle; not only to go to the school van but also to go round the village. He always enjoyed cycling around the village with me, showing the ‘luminous green environment with peacocks dancing with all their glory. We never forgot to hunt fort ‘karamba’ ’embilla’ ‘maadang’ and also never failed to pick a handful of those wild fruits and taste them. Being a planter he was a nature lover and it was him who inspired me to love nature.

Reading was his pastime. As he was a regular reader of the Reader’s Digest and Film Fair magazines, he used to buy them monthly. Also, he was a great fan of cricket. Whenever Sri Lanka cricket team took on another team, he somehow allocated time to witness the game ball by ball, sitting comfortably on his armchair. My seeya was a great music lover as well. He loved to listen to English and Hindi oldies and enjoyed watching English and Hindi movies of 1960s and 70s.

It was you who helped me to continue my studies when my father became a stroke victim. If not for your support, I wouldn’t have ended up being an undergraduate in the University of Peradeniya.

You were always there with me in my ups and downs. I will never forget the way you were overjoyed to hear that I have been selected to the university as I am your sole and eldest granddaughter amidst a group of grandsons. I still feel proud having the intention that I have given the best reward I can give you, by entering to one of the respectable professional courses.

I always wanted you to see me being graduated in four or five years’ time. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen that way. You became a victim of a renal failure and at last, you departed leaving a void in my heart that can never be replaced by anyone else.
This piece of writing is just a reminiscence of the thousands of memories I had with you. I am pretty sure that these few lines are not capable of describing the memories that we shared together.

Dear seeya, you were a lovable husband to my grandma, dutiful father to my mum, adorable grandfather to me, and a gem of human being with a golden heart.
May you attain the bliss of Nirvana!
Ayodya Chandrasiri