[1] “Syrian”[?] refugees are now streaming into the Balkans and heading for affluent Germany and Sweden. Have you noticed how exceptionally well dressed these “white” people are –Adidas shoes and Pierre Cardin tops etc.? Not for them the rags associated with genuine refugees.

[2] However, most of those who have sought nearer home in Jordan and Lebanon are shabbily dressed in ‘chadors’ and Arab “cassocks”. These two countries are hospitable but over-burdened by their uninvited ‘guests’. Interestingly, the posher refugees clearly prefer the fleshpots of far-away Western Europe to their fellow Arab neighbors.

[3] Are these Muslim refugees spearheading an ‘anti-Crusade’ to reclaim the lands their co-religionists held in the Balkans and Spain? How will Christian Europe digest these ‘refugees’?

[4] Shockingly, Saudi Arabia – the richest but thinly populated – Arab nation, has shown neither compassion nor hospitality to their fellow Muslims fleeing war-torn Syria.

[5] The poor black refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa find themselves unwelcome in poor Italy – unlike the “white” Syrians in North Europe welcomed by do-good NGO types.
Thank goodness Sri Lanka is yet an island.