Drivers Ashan Silva and Young Kushan Peiris stole the lime light at the Walawa Super Cross -2015 last Sunday at the Sevanagala Gravel circuit. Ashan Silva was the fastest driver on this day behind the wheel of his Mitsubishi Evolution competing in the SL-GT Cars up to 3500cc class.

Rivira and The Nation were the media sponsors of this event.

Ashan who was pole position got off to flying start and was heading the race from there onwards. Missaka Naveen and Ishraq Wahab who posed big threats on previous meets to him failed to put up the same pressure on Ashan on this day. Ishraq Wahab was seen using all his experience and all his skills throughout the race hanging on the tail of the race leader Ashan.

Youngster Kushan Peiris participating in four events was able to set a new circuit record by winning three events and gained a second position to be on the podium four times. He could have won all four events if not for the technical problem that rose up in his first race SL-N Cars 1300cc class which gave the opportunity for experienced Upulwan Serasinghe to the win in this event.

In motor cars event the veteran on gravel Sajjad Zuhair was the winner in the Group Sl-H cars up to 1500cc Zakir Wahab and Purna Perera to second and third positions.
Sajaad was back on the track in for the second race of this class and was the man to suffer most damages to his vehicle during this race. Fighting with Young Kushan in the first lap tried to go past him on the second right hand corner failed to have good control of the vehicle and went off the track. Though this incident caused his vehicle lot of damage he was back on the track to fight for a place.

When the red flag was shown the four drivers in front stopped their vehicles obeying the orders of the track officials. The driver following Sajaad at this stage Kalim Iqbal failed to see the red flag on and crashed on to Sajaad’s vehicle causing more damage to his vehicle. Kalim’s vehicle too was badly damaged and had to pull out of the track. The only foreign rider from India 16-year old Rugved Barguje who competed in the Group MX Motocross Bikes over 65cc and up to 85cc under-16 event recorded a good win. Though a youngster he also made an attempt to fight against the top riders in the Main event Group MX Racing Motor Cycles Open up to 250cc (2/T) and (4/T) category.

The organizers, with the intention of giving more glamour to the day’s proceedings conducted two events under-19 and Open on Mountain Bikes. Both these events were run concurrently to save time.

The under-19 event which was run for three laps saw Rasiru Gimhana become the winner, while in the Open event the winner was Sumedha Warnasinghe.

The organizers Sri Lanka Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment and the Sri Lanka Motor Cycle Club did an excellent job to give spectators, which exceeded the 25,000 mark, all the spills and thrills that were expecting from a meet of this nature.