The facility which has been provided for interested readers to order and pay early for bills and acts of Parliament for the year has been stopped by the Publications Bureau, which comes under the Media Ministry. Publications Bureau officials told The Nation that the service was stopped following an order by the Government Printer.

However, an official from the Government Printer’s Department stressed that they have no voice over the Publication Bureau matters and they also did not see any requirement to take such a decision.

Parliament Reforms and Mass Media Minister Gayantha Karunatileka was not available for comment and Ministry Secretary V. Narampanawa was busy with meetings.  The Nation also contacted the Director General of Government Information Department Dr. Darshani Gunathilaka and she promised to look into the matter as an urgent matter. She also highlighted that that service should be restarted soon as it is useful for the public to know the right information from the right source and it also plays a role in revenue making for the government.