If we look in to 1950s, females had only a few roles; teacher, nurse, cook and seamstress are the most common among them. In rare occasions, there may be some other occupations which were out of the boundary put down for females, like doctors and scientist.

They were unaware of the higher educational values due to the impression that female don’t have to be educated, which is misconception of society. If females tried to study with their own interest their guardians would never allow it because they thought higher education was only for males not for females.
However, they allowed females to go to school, but that was the limit to their education. Parents were forced to choose their reputation over their daughter’s education, because what society used to say is educating daughters is equal to spoiling the reputation.

This is something nobody agrees in today’s world, and because a female is someone’s daughter, wife and mother and education is needed for her to fulfill those roles and to face the world.

We have finally broken the so-called female boundary. Nowadays from small girl to youth, females have ambitions and small dreams are the foundation for great successes. Everyone has a right to dream, whether girl or boy it doesn’t matter.

Today, in almost every field we can see females. It’s good to see that we have freedom to do what we are capable of. From smallest job to biggest business company females are there. Yet stepping into that field is not that easy. Even today there are people who are struggling in their work places, all because they are female.

Society portrays females as weak, only suitable for household chores, and not strong enough to handle other work. However, if we look closely there are women who are doing well in some fields, as pilots and mechanical engineers. So if they are capable of mastering those fields, why can’t they do ordinary jobs such as banking or lecturing?

Just because women are emotional that doesn’t mean they are week. They are strong to handle emotional situation as well. When it comes to friends and family, they are the one keeping the bond stronger.

When we are small we hardly saw females driving a car, but today we see many female drivers.

When we look at females in our generation, we see a big difference in them and it’s a big difference owing to the power of females. They opened the door for all the other sisters as well.