There is lot of criticism about the increased number of Ministers in the newly formed National Government or a Coalition Government as some prefers to name it, because it will obviously have an adverse impact on the cost of living of the already overburdened poor masses. This is to kindly request the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, State Ministers and the Members of Parliament to lead an austere life so that they will not be a burden to the State. This they can do by sacrificing their salaries and other fringe benefits partly even and then the Cabinet can accommodate any number of Ministers, MPs, etc. without any issues whatsoever.

The former President MR who is now only an MP, I am sure, will be definitely willing to forego his entire emoluments and perks due to an MP but nevertheless give his utmost service in an honorary capacity as he contested because of the earnest request from the people. Will the ex-President won’t then be a role model for other politicians to emulate, both here and overseas?
Mohamed Zahran