Angad Daryani | Pic credit

Knowledge can’t be limited by age. Especially some cases have already proved that age is not a limitation to introduce wonderful discoveries, inventions or new concepts to the world.  Sometimes we hear wonderful stories about young students who bring in unbelievable things to this world at a very young age.

Angad Daryani is one of those youngsters who was curious enough to try new things, and created a path to other students to do follow the same path in their life journey.

16-year-old Daryani, a highly intellectual, developer and inventor from Mumbai, left his school in Grade 9 to invest his precious time in pursuing his passion of creating and improvising things around.

“My interests required a proper and profound investment of time; therefore, homeschooling was the best option for me. Having finished Grade 10 study in Grade 9, I was sick of the fact that my curiosity was being killed. I wanted to learn by doing, not learn by memorizing.  I decided to quit school and hence I did,” Angad said to an Indian newspaper.

Besides developing automobile, product design, robotics, electronic art and doing mechatronics projects based on Open Source Software and Hardware, he does research on the symbiotic behavior of aquatic animals including sharks.

At a tender age, he began to show his geniusness. When he was eigh, he developed Lego Mindstorm humanoid robot, at the age of nine he created a breathing system, a pinhole camera, a plastic kaleidoscope and several other significant things including hand gesture controlled vehicle.

After leaving school, he built India’s first 3D printer called “SharkBot”(and possibly the world’s cheapest 3D printer). In 2013, he developed “virtual brailler” with MIT media lab. Virtual Brailler is his most recent and highly acclaimed invention and the device will help millions of visually impaired people be converting digital text from Roman to Braille. Brailler will assist them providing tactile braille feedback by tracking their finger progress on it. When he was younger, he set up a miniature solar-powered boat and created an automatic watering system for garden plants.

He calls himself as asocial tech entrepreneur. He’s not just messing about all day, though.  Rather he left school to spend six hours a day, learning math, science, and language with a tutor. It was in these years, that he truly started tinkering and discovering solutions.

As a child, he would love to watch programs on Discovery and National Geographic channel and some other creative programs that ignited his interest in researching and knowing different creatures in-depth including sharks and experimenting with variety of new things that ultimately led him to invent numerous noteworthy things.

Currently, he runs a startup called Shark Industries which has 2 brands – Shark Kits and SharkBot 3D Systems. He loves developing technology to solve real world problem. He is not a  software engineer. Even though he can program using incomputer languages which are Java, C/C++, Processing, Arduino and Labview. He writes programs for robots, automation machines using Arduino.

Other than tech and entrepreneurship, He has played soccer for six years whilst he was in school and a part of the school team for THREE of those six years. He has played the violin when he was young and he has restarted learning the instrument now. His post school-hours life is now occupied with assignments, homework and tuitions. For extracurricular activities, He participates in MUNs (Model United Nations), go to the gym and work on smaller projects whilst still pursuing few entrepreneurial endeavors.

In his young age he has the capability of running a company with a team. Different thinking, self-confidence and hardworking are the main values which we can take from his character to our lives. He had confidence of him to do what he thought of doing even though he is young. He worked hard to see good end results. That’s the way he grew up to be this exemplary character to children all around the world.