‘Exiled pages’ another book from Manjula Wediwardena,combining poetry and photography,

This unique book includesthe moments frozen through camera lens with their poetic interpretations, both by Manjula Wediwardena.

Being a collected work of both Sinhala and English versions of the poems is another
speciality of this book and the original poems are translated into English by an  experienced translator and poet, Dilini Eriyawala.

‘Exiled pages’ is made available as a SaMa publication and the wondrous layouts are designed by another poet, artist and a graphic designer, Waruna Savinda.

Manjula, who published ‘Niruththara Samadiya’(Clueless heart) with Shane Mackelvie in 1997, has then published a number of poetry books titled ‘Pilihuduwi’(Kingfisher Lady),’Madudandini Madhuwitha’(The Wine glass of honeymoon),  ‘Mathrukawak nethi Mathubhoomiya’ (Landless Motherland),  ‘Ehela Emathumalata Eheremi’ (I wake up to an August call) and ‘Nidinethi Nirmala Esaka Agissaka Kandulaka’ (Moon melting in the eyes).
The exceptional photography-poetry collection, ‘Exiled pages’ is unfolded as Manjula’s seventh poetry publication.