I saw you, you saw me, then we were married 48 years ago in 1967. In a family of 8 siblings (6 brothers and 2 sisters) you were the 6th gem. Together, we spent a  happy and peaceful wedded life all these years.

Three remarkable children, Pradeep, Preneetha and Melvin were all gems of our   family. Under a disciplined Christian atmosphere you left no stones unturned to  make them professionals. Though happy at their birth, you were the happiest  when others called our children noble.

A Devoted Wife, a Loving Mother, a Blessed Grandmother were your titles. No  words to express the tasty foods you prepared, a master chef at it! You were a  great entertainer and many a cousin and friends of ours still speak of these good  old days, which can never come back. Unfortunately, you had a fall in 2011 and  thereafter you lost all the strength. In the walker, in the wheelchair, seated  most of the time. I did make you most comfortable as long as you were with me  and you were sorry for me for what I was doing. I am reminded you of the oath  we took at marriage. In sickness, in sorrow, we shall be loyal to each other and  equal share in all our life.

God’s call came on this fateful day (26th August) and you were snatched away  from me. In life, I loved you so much and in death too I still love you and miss  you very much and a vacuum is left beyond anybody’s imagination. Oh! What  a loss dear Margaret and you left me lonely and in tears. I am reminded of our  togetherness, the most memorable. What is life without you? No amount of  consolation can heal the loneliness I feel in your loss. I reminisce the 48 years  we lived together as husband and wife, what a fragrance you have left! I never  thought you will leave me that soon, but God’s will was that. As per the Bible,  man’s years on earth are three scores and ten (70 years) and you lived a full and  contended 78 years and the extra 8 years was truly God’s blessings. The massive  crowd of relatives, friends and well-wishers speaks of your prowess.

Finally, I thank you my dear Margaret for the wonderful 48 years we were  together. I miss you, miss you a lot and life is not going to be the same  without you. I shall join you soon on that beautiful shore.

Sadly missed by your loving husband, children and grandchildren. “Rest eternal grant unto her Oh Lord, let light  perpetual shine on her, may she rest in peace!”
Kingsley Durairaj