When we talk about life, there is no politics in it and when we talk about politics there is no life in it.

Religious behavior
Democracy today is a religion. In it, there are no rights or wrongs. The only god or judges who decide something is democratic are the foolish people.

Really interesting topics
Let’s think about topics other than politics. We can talk about the songs of Srimathee Thilakaratne or Rupa Indumathie. Talking about Jothipala has become somewhat politicized today. Jothipala’s songs are not to be talked about.  You can listen to them or else sing them.  So let’s think that way. You can learn, little by little, to think without thinking about politics.

Meet the God
Democracy is a religion where the God is open greed.

Today there are no songs, but speeches with a music component. We don’t listen to songs.  We listen to speeches. As there is no music today there are music awards. It is organized by a channel which wants to acquire new things while protecting our things.

The global crisis
Rev. Sobitha is more a preacher of the ‘democracy religion’ today than any other religion. There’s nothing wrong in this since democracy is the major religion in Sri Lanka today, so we have to protect religion from democracy.  This is not a local crisis mind you, it’s a global crisis. The world needs to reestablish real religions instead of the false religion of democracy. Think in that way and come close to life avoiding politics.

The way forward
Democracy, socialism, liberalism or post modernism are all boring topics compare to Jothipala’s songs.