The art of speaking has been described as one of the greatest of arts given that it has the power to touch both the heart and mind of the listener. Formally termed as ‘oratory,’ this art from times immemorial to the present has proven to be a vital component of man’s existence on earth, and given the identification of this vital need, the beginnings of the Gavel Club of the Sri Jayewardenepura University essentially incorporated the fulfilling of this need.

What began as a ‘motivator’ of public speaking skills to the university undergraduates has developed today into a club with over seventy five members. These members or rather ‘Gaveliers’ comprise of all the faculties of the University with one common passion; the goal of improving one’s public speaking skills, under the purview of Toastmasters International.

The Gavel Club of the Sri Jayewardenepura University is best considered as a fairly novel club. This began as a meeting of a small group of speech enthusiasts that developed into a body of the university responsible for organizing and successfully completing the largest inter-university speech competition – ‘Speech Master 2014.’

Under the guidance of apt leaders the Gavel Club has grown into a body not unknown within the university and outside alike. Identifying the importance of public speaking and effective communication, the Gavel Club of Sri Jayewardenepura University essentially strives to make this important aspect a reality within the university.

Speech Master 2015
‘Speech Master 2015’ is a public speaking contest initiated by Gavel Club of Sri Jayewardenepura University to enhance the public speaking skills of Sri Lankan University level students in both private and government universities and institutes. This would be held in three phases as the preliminary, semi- finals and grand finale on the October 3, 8 and 23.

This project builds up a platform for the local youth to showcase their youthful spirits and focus on developing and strengthening the public speaking skills needed to take up chances and raise their voices as the future of leaders.

‘Speech Master 2014’ was organized last year with 300 participating representing over 100 private and State universities. This year, the Gavel Club anticipates the presence of about 500 participants representing over 200 private and State universities.

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