Those who have a passion for photography can take an instant out of their time and alter life by holding it still. Meet Shermil Fernando, traveler and photo enthusiast whose love for exploring people, places and nature have won him several international photography awards and even a chance for an exhibit in NYC!
A Graphic Designer by profession Shermil has had extensive exposure in creative production and design of print and digital publications. A career spanning 18 years attests to his skills. Considerable experience working for leading publication companies both locally and internationally has enabled him to develop a keen eye to view subjects critically and artistically.

Photography is an interest that enhances his creative career. It’s developed his knowledge of people and cultures, the depth of human emotions and the significance of colors, giving him a broader perspective about the world around him.  Shermil says he enjoys travelling, observing people and exploring the diversity of life. His interest has taken him to quite a few destinations. He has even been fortunate enough to meet several celebrities both in the sporting and literary arena. Keen on sports and action photography he was able to cover a few sporting events which led him to meet Tennis legend Martina Hingis and Squash World Champion Nicol David who’s currently ranked world’s No 2. Though he doesn’t call himself a bookworm, a few book launching events overseas got him the opportunity to meet Salman Rushdi and Micheal Ondatje. Experiences, he says, he will treasure forever.

shermilWith a flair for creativity and an artistic eye he likes all forms of photography but wildlife, he says, holds a special place for him.  A few of his wildlife photos were selected for publication in a calendar. It’s easy to understand why his photos are a work of art. He seems to capture unique features and has an eye for detail. Going through his portfolio on “Nature” is mesmerizing. The close-ups are captivating. Especially the “Lookout” won a place at the Cayfest Photo competition and an exhibit at the Butterfield Bank Hall in Cayman Islands. It’s macro shot with a different perspective. The orange eyes and the sharp beak of the bird are its main focus. Then there is the green iguana scampering through the rocks with the ocean as its background that holds my interest. Perfectly framed and timed to capture its scuttle across. However, truly unique is the one of the butterfly resting on the ground almost in camouflage. It’s a blend of art with nature’s tapestry. Apparently a view shared by others as it merited an exhibition in Times Square New York.

How did that come about I asked him? “Well, it was an international competition for artists and photographers titled “Art Takes Times Square”. Photos and art that were selected received a moment in time on the display in Times Square and all participants were invited for the viewing. It was a wonderful moment just to know that my photograph was displayed at such an iconic, world famous location. I could not attend the event at that time but a few friends were kind enough to capture my photo while it was on display at Times Square and then later on at the After Party celebrations that were held. The opportunity enabled me to meet many people from around the world that shared a common goal and interest.”

However, wildlife is not the only category to have gained this photographer international recognition. He won 3rd place at the Cayfest Photo Competition in the Portrait category. It’s a capture of a modern day pirate that’s rather fierce looking. Yes, they apparently exist and come out each year during the annual Pirates week festival held in the Cayman Islands. It’s said to be the only event of its kind in the Caribbean region with a mock pirate invasion from the sea. Shermil says that thousands of people line up each year to watch the festival which is a fun filled event and a chance to see some real live pirates in action.

For those interested, Shermil’s photo collection can be found online. He’s also an enthusiastic contributor to the National Geographic photo community. His enthusiasm for his craft is evident from his tone and warm smile. Shermil is keen to travel to as many locations as he can in his quest to hone his skills and broaden his horizons. A simple wish he says… Shermil’s creative design portfolio can be viewed while photos of this wandering photographer can be viewed at,

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