The Sri Lankan Embassy in Nepal has advised Sri Lankan pilgrims not to visit Lumbini until further notice due to continuous public protests in the area. Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nepal W.M. Seneviratne has requested visitors from the island not to visit the place until travelling is declared safe.

According to a Foreign Ministry official in Nepal, around 300 Sri Lankans have been stranded in Lumbini by the time protests were held. However they have now safely left Nepal. Seneviratne has also requested from all Sri Lankans to contact Katmandu embassy on 0097714720623 or 00947714720213 for further information.

According to media reports the protests have intensified in Southern plains of Nepal on Wednesday. Four persons have been shot dead when the demonstrators attacked the Police. Three were shot in the town of Jaleswor in Mahottari district. Reports reveal that thousands of protesters armed with sticks and stones attacked the Police.

The reason for the protest is that the majority of people living in Nepal are against the new constitution which will divide the country into seven federal provinces. It is said that the people who support the new constitution opine that it will bring political stability and the constitution will enhance future economic growth of the country.

Reports indicate that thirty people have been killed since the new constitution was penned.