“Mommy, what are these?” asked a toddler pointing at some coins.

“This is money, and it is used to buy anything that would make people happy,” replied the mother to her curious child.

Then the toddler asked this very peculiar question.

“Mommy, can money buy your smile?”
I have the same question to every single human, who is addicted to a meaningless penny. Can money buy a mother’s smile? A father’s pride? A child’s joy? I would reply with a gigantic NO! It is true that money success in buying goods that will make people happy but, it also pushes you from the inner you, and at the end detach from you.

Money sometimes acts as a bad parent, who takes you into a dark forest. On your journey to that dark forest, the bad parent plucks you strawberries and blue berries, but once you have reached the dead end, the bad parent abandons you to live forever in doom.

Money is like a hallucination that guides you to your grave. Rich businessmen seem like they  posses it all, but only themselves know the hazardous hurricanes that they are spinning in. The stress built from money losses, corrupts their minds to become addicted to drugs. They become addicted to these life killers and suffocate. Their powerful businesses wreck down and their families tear off. Once more money had opened the door to doom.

Money can never buy happiness. Suppose you had a quarrel with someone you love and later on that day you give him/ her Rs.1,000 and say, “Here is 1,000 rupees! Now, can you please smile so that I can go back home and sleep well?”

This is entirely erroneous. People bribe others, hoping for happiness at the end. But they get caught and go through the immense difficulty.

Happiness is something that you should earn, not buy. Can you give money to someone’s cerebral cortex (part of the brain that hold memory, emotions and knowledge) and bargain pleasure? Ha, I say that is impossibility to the extremity.  People visualize money as a wonderful genie who would grant everybody’s wishes, but in reality money is more of a wicked witch. Coins, notes, checks, they are all impermanent. None of us are ever going to carry them to our grave. So why are we so much attached to them like leeches?

Long ago people invented the bata system where goods were exchanged for other goods. Then humans, ourselves invented money as a mean of exchange. Money does play an important role in our lives; buy making living so much easier. A majority of the people think that rich men and women possess everything they wanted, but in reality they are so busy earning or spending money, that they don’t see the fact that they are trapped inside an imaginary box, which prevents them from love, unity, care, and factual happiness.

This sentimental attachment of people with money is exceedingly strong, and it would take more than a decade for them to isolate without money. A smile is worth an infinity amount of diamonds. Another’s smile might bring light to your heart, and your smile may success in enlightening someone else’s. So the next time you want to make somebody happy, just make sure you don’t lend a note of 1’000 rupees. But instead smile in return, because money can NEVER buy happiness.

Ama Upekha Perera
Lyceum International School – Panadura

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