Mitko Family Health Care (Mitko FHC), a social-biz company entered into a historic MoU with the   UNAIDS Colombo to finance and collaborate on a series of events leading to the commemoration of World’s AIDS Day on December 1, 2015. The events include: an online  survey on sexual behavior and a series of promotional campaigns carried out  with  the assistance of leading show-biz personalities. In addition, Mitko will sponsor anE-Platform to create a FB group club for dynamic youth in the country. The program   will be overseen by a steering committee with Government, Civil society and community groups, established by the UNAIDS. The MOU was signed by Dr. Dayanath Ranatunga, Country Manager, Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, and Ms Udeni Kothalawala, Group CEO, Mitko Group of Companies at a simple ceremony held at  the UNAIDS office on September 1, 2015.

Dr. Ranatunga after exchanging the MOUs stated that this collaboration is critically important,  because it is high time to initiate private sector  engagement to contribute for the national HIV response with the  UNAIDS, and this could be sited as model. Explaining the need for the survey, Dr. Ranatunga, said that sexual behavioral patterns of young people have drastically changed in the recent past and the survey findings will be very valuable for future HIV prevention efforts.

Udeni  Kothalawala Group CEO of  Mitko Group of Companies said that Mitko would Consider it as a rare honor to be associated with the UNAIDS in such efforts of national Importance, and would be happy to continue such support. She said core business of Mitko Group is in the areas of metal mining, civil engineering and high-tech solutions.
Explaining about and Mitko FHC which is a fully-fledged commercial company, Considering the nature of work involved which are more of social nature, Group would Identify  it as a ‘social-biz’ company which would undoubtedly yield lower returns to thecompany.

The current understanding is expected to be extended to 2016 and 2017 as well upon Successful  completion of the current years programs. Chandana Jayalal, Administrative Assistant , the UNAIDS, Narada Bakmeewe Media Consultant of the UNAIDS, Priyantha Wijeratne Director Operations of Mitko FHC, and SamStembo Group Director Business Development were also present at the occasion.