The superiority, elegant style and unmatched quality of genuine Italian products has never been more emphasized as in the Glem Gas range of kitchen appliances which include Cookers, Ovens, Hobs and Cooker Hoods. Abans, the sole agent in Sri Lanka, proudly showcase the entire Glem Gas range at all their Elite Showrooms.

Glem Gas was born in 1959 at Modena in Italy. As in the best post-war Italian tradition the company was founded by 3 old friends who had the intuition to start producing small gas operated heaters and chimneys. Later on their desire to enlarge the range led to the creation of the first freestanding Glem Gas cooker. A determined passion, hard work and much R&D have been necessary to realize modern cookers ahead of their time.

Over fifty years of experience in the production of home appliances for cooking, years distinguished by a constant, uncompromising commitment to ideals that Glem Gas has continued to pursue with unflagging vigor. Authenticity, Quality, Pragmatism are their main core values inspiring Design principles, Product touch points, Brand Communication that constantly guide their quest to create highly specialized products in terms of performance, reliability and safety, products boasting an approach to design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and ergonomic.

Precious details for cooking brilliance, innovation, aesthetics and technology are contained in the new collection of Glem Ovens built with a wide range of models to choose from. The excellent performances come together details of style, elegance and functionality that reaffirm the value and quality of Italian design.

The range is complete and each model is equipped with maximum performance and ease of use. The design is minimalist but with accents of sophistication that evolve in constant synergy with the most modern technology. The real beauty of the Glem Gas range is always connected to the technology behind an object; it is manifested through the details, shapes and colors, unique and unmistakable. The line projects Glem and suggests a new emotional approach to the product, able to transform the aesthetic, the design and function in a seductive and unexpected way.

The new range of Glem Gas kitchen appliances at Abans include 4 Burner Gas Cookers, 5 Burner Gas Cookers (1 triple ring Wok Burner, Gas Oven, Gas Grill with Rotisserie), Multi Function Electric Ovens with Bellow Features ideal for pastry and traditional cooking, Cooker Hoods and Chimney Hoods with push button controls.

Glem Gas Cookers and Ovens come in attractive designs that add elegance to your lifestyle. Coloured lights indicate the different cooking stages, and takes a clear emotional role, giving a special atmosphere to the kitchen. The Hob designs reflect beauty and simplicity in a concept of emotional designs providing a nomadic protagonist of a different view of the kitchen. glass, stainless steel and cast iron draw the scenarios of the future and create an ideal foundation for one of the most innovative systems for cooking.