Video games have a considerably long history, to be precise a history of 63 years. When we look back at the early 80s and 90s, we can probably say that video games were not given much attention that they deserved. But presently we have reached the point where video gaming has become a whole new culture.

According to records, 1.2 billion people in the world play video games and also as I said in my previous article, as a planet we spend three billion hours for gaming per week.

Through these six decades, numerous numbers of video games were brought to life. Some sources are confident in stating that there are nearly five million video games in the world altogether, which may seem mind blowing for some folks out there.

We are all human beings, but our personal tastes differ from each other. Hence even when it comes to choosing a video game, we individuals prefer different types of video games. Some may consider about playing a sports game, whilst another might be fond of playing a shooting game. This was a real problem for the earlier gamers, since choosing a video game according to their favorite category was much harder. And thus, video game genres came into place. The word genre is simply a synonym for category. And video games are categorized based on their game-play style and interactivity.

The rest of the article discusses about the various video game genres, their specialties and their key features.

Video games (2)RPG GAMES
RPG simply stands for ‘Role Playing Game’, and allows the players to take control over fictional characters to go on adventures. Typically all of these RPG games take place in fantasy settings, and also these video games are piled up with various side quests, apart from the main storyline quests, and the average time to complete one of these games can take up to 300 hours. The most sold RPG game of all time is ‘The elder scrolls 5; Skyrim’ selling over 20 million units worldwide.

Video games (6)SHOOTERS

The shooting genre is the next big thing since open world and RPG games. A basic shooting game only had the option of terminating the targets through the use of a gun, but nowadays it has evolved, giving the player the option to reserve the ammo and eliminate enemies by the means of a melee weapon.

The shooting genre is based on two sub genres; first person shooters and third person shooters. The first person shooter is based on the protagonists’ point of view and the third person shooter has a view as if from a position behind the character they are controlling. Both these genres test player react time and speed.

The spot for the best first person shooter is taken by ‘Half Life’, a video game created in the year 1998, which has sold over 9.3 million units. And ‘Resident Evil 4’ takes the spot of the best third person shooter of all time, which has unfortunately sold 1.6 million units only.

Video games (7)Video games (8)OPEN WORLD
The open world genre is noticeably the most played video game genre of all time. An open world video game grants the player to explore a considerably vast landscape, with toned down limitations than other games. It is obvious it is not possible to make a video game with endless land, though these video games have accomplished something enormous. The most sold open world video game is confirmed as ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’, selling over 51 million units, and it had generated more than one billion us dollars within the first three days.

Video games (7)Video games (10)SURVIVAL/HORROR
You think you are tough? Have you ever played a horror game alone, with lights turned off? I bet you have not. Welcome to the survival/horror genre, a category which I am very much fond of.

A survival/horror game focuses on survival of the protagonist while also scaring the player. Resources are mainly scarce, including ammo and health. Most of these games restrict the players’ sight, giving them a flashlight or perhaps a video-recorder for the purpose of vision. And also the protagonist is typically weaker than the enemies he/she encounters.

‘Silent Hill 2’ is nominated as the best survival/horror game of all time, which has sold more than one million units.

Video games (1)FIGHTING GAMES
A fighting game allows the player to control an onscreen character who engages an opponent in an arena. Players must master fighting techniques and special abilities in order to advance further in the game. Most of the opponents tend to be of equal power or strength, while the last few battles are by far challenging than the first few rounds.

Modern fighting games possess a diverse range of characters and advanced arenas which are interactive in combat.
When it comes to fighting games, the ‘Mortal Kombat’ (Yes, ‘k’ instead of ‘c’) franchise is the titan among them all. The whole series was capable of selling 35 million units around the globe. Too bad it’s’ name is all messed up…

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