‘Sanitation First,’ a three-phase program to improve sanitation facilities in schools, will be launched by the Education Ministry on October 1. The program comes under the 1,000 Schools Project and by 2018, all 10,119 secondary and national schools in the country will benefit from the program.

“The first phase will be launched as a Children’s Day gift to schools and will provide modern washroom sets to 1,200 schools,” said Education Ministry’s Director of Construction, Supplies, Services and Infrastructure Development, Ashoka Senani Hewage. He added that the design for the washroom set will have high quality commodes, urinals, wall mirrors and sinks and a pit to dispose of sanitary wastes and a courtyard area are also included in the design.

The washroom sets come in three designs; for males, females and primary sections. A single unit will cost two million rupees and a total of 19,891units will be constructed.
Concerns about sanitation, inadequate toilet facilities and a lack of knowledge of how to properly use facilities have been raised and Hewage added that during a workshop to be held from September 17, 100 principals will be given guidelines and information on the issues.