Permit me to drift away from the politics [diatribes and hosannas] that have been clogging your columns recently.

The President has just announced a, long overdue, campaign against asbestos roofing. [a] As such the ‘crown’ for the baddest-of-the bad should go to all the many ads boasting of the virtues (!) of asbestos roofing. They should be withdrawn immediately – by Presidential diktat, if not voluntarily. [b] Health authorities, for over a century, have preached the need to boil water for drinking. To my horror a multinational now advertises that boiling water does not rid it of impurities – which only their filter does. I see no protest from the health authorities to this blatant and dangerous lie. [c] Thorough washing of hands is another health safeguard and taught in Health Studies in infant school. The very same multinational now airs a ‘story’ of a girl pouring scorn on her fellow ‘scout’ [?] for taking longer over washing his hands – while she does it in a few seconds!
[a] The crown for oddest, and unintentionally, funniest ad goes to that which promotes toilet tiles with a lissome maiden in a floor length crimson ball-gown sliding sexily into a tiled toilet equipped with a commode etc.!! [b] A close second is that which promotes a famous washing soap with the ‘storyline’ of a young man falling in love with a maiden because she smells of a washing soap scented with a hundred flowers!

As for child abuse – I have written earlier that it is not restricted to child servants. Have the authorities ever checked on whether the money paid by the ad agencies, employing child actors, is ever paid into these children’s accounts? I am pretty sure the answer is NEVER.