Director-Media of the Sri Lanka Army Brigadier, Jayanath Jayaweera refuted media reports which said that four undergraduate cadets of the Kotelawala   Defense University were severely injured as a result of allegedly being ragged. According to Brigadier Jayaweera, the incident has taken place two months before and that due action has been taken.

“It was not a major incident as some of the media reported. It was just another normal clash between two student groups at the university. I can say responsibly that necessary action has been taken the moment the officials got to know about it,” he said.

Jayaweera reiterated the fact that no serious injury as reported in certain media was suffered by any of the students involved in the incident. Brigadier Jayaweera also pointed out that he is actually ‘quite surprised’ as to how the media made a ‘normal incident’ between students in a university into a major incident.

A senior official of the military who wish to remain anonymous confirmed that the clash has taken place not due to any ragging incident, but had occurred when a group of students who were assigned to do some duties avoided it.

“This is a normal incident and the authorities have taken relevant action regarding the matter. The wrongdoers were punished according to the Kotelawala Defence University Act which governs the student at the university. The media reports saying severe injuries were suffered by the students are completely un true,” he said.