Remember when you were about eight or nine years old? Remember how you loved to play with your peer or siblings? It could be a sellam kade or a sellam ge, you always fancied playing the main role rather than a supporting character. You wanted to be the Mudalai of the kade or the mother/father of the house. If it was a school you were the teacher or even the head master.

You rarely like to be a supportive role in the background. Being the child in the house or the assistant in the kade which sold brick pieces for fish didn’t make you as happy as giving out orders at the house or kade.

Today we are playing these roles for real and they are not as easy as the roles we played in our little game following our own script. It is too difficult to be even described that sometimes everyday is a challenge. We strive to overcome these challenges; try to win our lives. We try to follow our scripts just like we tried to do when we were young, but the scripts keep changing without notice making it difficult for you to direct your own play. However, we struggle to become the hero of our story at the end of the day. We were absorbed in playing the main role then and we are engrossed playing the main role now.

As fascinating as it seemed when we were young, it is important that you play the main role of your life story. Have we forgotten to think how important it is to play the supporting role of another person’s play? Each of us plays a supporting role while we play the main role of our own story. Your supporting role can be a daughter/son, mother/father, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, granddaughter/grandson or even someone’s best friend. We all have our duties and responsibilities as a supporter.

Go back to your childhood play. Will your house be complete without your children and husband/wife? Will you become a successful teacher if there were no children to pay attention to you? Wouldn’t your kade run bankrupt if there were no customers coming to your shop?

When we succeed in achieving a desired goal, we easily give credit to ourselves and become proud of ourselves. Scroll down your Facebook news feeds. It could be a graduation, it could be a work related achievement; you will come across many ‘I did it!’ posts. Was it really ‘I’ who did it all by ‘myself’? There are at least a couple of supporting roles behind every ‘I did it’ post.

Take yourself for an instance. Will you be able to play hero in your story if the people around you, your supporters, didn’t fulfill their responsibilities? Will you be able to be where you are now if not for the support your parents, teachers or friends extended? Playing your supporting role responsibly is just as important as playing your part right in your play.

It’s also important to appreciate the people who play the supporting role in your life story. If their support goes unappreciated, it is possible that they get tired of playing their part right and eventually they will want to drop out from playing the role.

Appreciated or unappreciated, play your supportive role to the best of your abilities. Just as important it is for you to achieve your life goals, your loved ones achieving their life goals are also important for them. Be a good supporter and appreciate the support you get and you’ll realize that supporting roles too are as important as the main role in your play.